Finding Compassion and Virtue

Within and everywhere

21 February
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I have been known by a few names - more than one. Here on Lj and elsewhere. I am a self proclaimed writer of poetry, stories and philosophy. I am a man on the path of self mastery - because I'm in real trouble if I don't at least realise I need to be on that path. My life is an Epic Love Story. Love of live, self, family and friends. I would say everyone else can go to hell - but that lacks compassion. So instead I will say I treasure those and looks for more to love in this grand tale we call life. I am reinventing my own mythos and creating a relgion that only I could believe. So I am a priest, a peon and a god. If you were to sumerize my Talents and Flaws - I am a fool with marvelous potentiality. A fool is a good place to start when you are learning and know that you are one.